Who Will Rise to Glory in the Far East? FIFA Club World Cup Kicks Off!

FIFA Club World Cup

To encourage club football, FIFA Club World Cup is organized in an interval. 2015 FIFA Club World Cup is 12th edition of the tournament. Team is selected from each continent. In addition, league champion from the host country also participates in the tournament. In the year 2015, Club World Cup will be played in Japan. The dates for the matches have been fixed. The tournament will start from the 10th December. It will be continued till 20th December, 2015.

Host country for the Club world Cup is chosen through bids. Through application, members of the association can submit their bids. Decisions are generally taken for two seasons at once. The application process for hosting Club World Cup 2015 has started from 2014. The documents have been submitted to the committee within 25th August 2014. Decision about the venue is supposed to be taken in the meeting at Morocco by the executive committee of FIFA. However, the decision has not been taken till 2015.

Format Changes

Oceania Football Federation has proposed a change in the format of competition. Elimination of knock out stages during quarter finals in addition to the play-off round has been observed. Instead two groups have been found with three teams in each. From the champions of the CAF, AFC, OFC and CONCACAF including host team in addition to the winners of CONMEBOL and UEFA will be heading towards the final round. In due course, each team can play couple of matches with each other. However, there is only one match stipulated for the loser of the play off. The alteration in the rule has happened after the conclusion of competition in 2014. Format of seven teams are still intact in the 2015.

Participating Teams for 2015 FIFA Club World Cup

Bet365_Logo.svgFrom Africa, TP Mazembe of Congo has secured a position in the Club World Cup by defeating USM Alger successfully with the score line of 4-1. TP Mazembe of Congo has already reached Japan for the preparation of games. They are in amazing touch. Therefore, an excellent game can be expected from them and looking at the latest lines from the likes of online bookmaker bet365, the odds seem to be favoring the African side.

It is a predetermined fact that the winner of AFC Champions League will play in the Club World Cup 2015. The final match of the AFC Champions League will be played on 21st November. The team for the World Cup will be decided only after it.

In UEFA Champions League, Barcelona has beaten Juventus in 3-1 to ensure a berth in World Cup.

By defeating Montreal Impact with 5-4, Club America from Mexico has taken the CONCACAF spot in the Cub World Club 2015.

From the region Oceania, Auckland City FC will be representing their continent at World Cup. The final match has been played with the Team Wellington on 26th April.

River Plate of South America will be playing in the World Club as they have defeated Copa Libertadores in final. In the ranking of CONMEBOL, the team is holding the highest position.

Tickets for the games will be sold from the website of FIFA from 21st November. Locations for the games will be seen in different cities of Japan like Osaka and Yokohama.

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